What is E2 English?

E2 English is a website that teaches English language. It is one of the first websites in the world to do two very important things.

First, the website combines all of the parts of English including pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, speaking and even spelling!

Second, the website can take a learner from no English to upper-intermediate English.

How does E2 English work?

Most language learning websites have no human interaction. They usually combine some text-based explanation of how language works with a multiple-choice activity and motivate the user to come back through push notifications. Despite their popularity, they are largely ineffective.

E2 English has been developed by a team of English teachers turned applied linguists working with computer programmers. What we have done is take everything that works from a traditional language classroom and digitise it. But what we have also done is take what doesn’t work and get rid of it; or take what kind of works and improve it. The result is a website that resembles the structures of a traditional language school or classroom but is 100% digital and much, much better.

At the core of the website are the courses. These courses are multi-modal; that is, they teach you the language from many different angles. You might listen, read, write, speak, watch, then reorder a paragraph etc. The activities that you do are interactive, effective and enjoyable.

The multi-modal courseware is embedded within a larger learning framework that uses real teachers. As you progress through your course:

Everyone knows that it’s hard to continue studying a language. Most people drop off and give up. E2 English is clever in that it doesn’t just offer ‘push notifications’ or points to get you motivated; instead, it actually sequences the lessons in a way that is suited to you. When you login, you will see exactly where you are at – and where you last left off – and what you need to do next. And because the course materials are wedded to live teaching, it’s easy to keep going, and keep going, and keep going!

What courses are available on E2 English?

E2 English offers a range of online English language courses. Let’s look at each of them one by one.


Level 1 KEY

Level 1 is based around the A1/A2 level of the CEFR. It combines fun, interactive activities into a full course that will get you speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. The course is based on fun and applicable topics that are up to date and relevant.

Importantly, the Level 1 course is based around the Cambridge KEY test so as you practise your English you will also be preparing for that test. Cool, hey?


Level 2 continues to build your intermediate English skills and provides you with heaps and heaps of grammar and vocabulary applied to lots and lots of exciting listening, reading, writing and speaking practice.

The Level 2 course will also simultaneously prepare you for the Cambridge Preliminary qualification.

Level 3 FIRST

Level 3 is a notch up and will really take your English skills to the next level. Really, this is the course you need to do to be ready to begin preparing for an IELTS, PTE Academic, TOEFL or OET test. It will teach you advanced level English skills including sophisticated grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation that you can apply to higher-level reading, listening, speaking and writing tasks.

The Level 3 course will prepare you for the Cambridge FIRST certificate.


Test Ready is a special course for those who are at an advanced level of English and are (thinking about) preparing for a high-stakes English test such as IELTS, PTE Academic or TOEFL. It will provide you with lots and lots of applicable vocabulary for these tests as the course is structured by themes. In addition to explicitly building your vocabulary, the course will also build your test taking skills. Cleverly, all of the activities that you do in Test Ready are based on the IELTS, PTE and TOEFL tests. So, as you complete the course you will naturally improve your test taking skills.


SpeakingLab is a pronunciation course for those people who struggle to be understood in English or need a little more confidence when speaking out loud. SpeakingLab takes you through all 44 sounds of English allowing you to practise those that you struggle with. Soon, you’ll be speaking clearly.

Grammar Review

Grammar is a sticking point for many people because it is complicated (and almost philosophical!). Don’t worry: Grammar Review will help you out. The course is easily understood and all of the rules you learn are immediately applied to lots of speaking, reading, writing and listening activities so you remember them and can use them in your daily life. It covers all of the various word types in English from abstract and concrete nouns to verb tenses to prepositions.


Spelling in English is ridiculously hard! For every sound, there are on average, 3.5 different ways to spell that sound. Our spelling course has mapped all of the sound-spelling relationships. It takes you through each of them raising your awareness of all the possibilities.

How does E2 English compare to E2Language?

E2 English and E2Language are different beasts. E2 English, as mentioned above, teaches fundamental English skills from beginner to upper-intermediate. These are the skills you need in order to succeed linguistically in daily life.

E2Language, on the other hand, is pure test preparation. Its purpose is to help high functioning candidates pass their IELTS, PTE Academic, TOEFL or OET test as soon as possible. Its emphasis is less on language building and more on test preparation methodology and practice.

Some people who fail their English tests will return to E2 English to brush up on their skills, and many people who are studying at E2 English will aspire to one day take a high stakes test for university entrance, migration or employment purposes.

Together, these websites are extremely powerful and will help to transform the lives of many people who wish to become fluent, complex and accurate in English.