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COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to cause serious disruptions in education and travel restrictions for students worldwide. We empathise with all those affected by the virus and understand the anxieties and concerns of students that have been left stranded without learning access.

How Can E2School Help?

E2School is here to support you with interim digital learning assistance during this time. With courses in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling, E2School has the online learning material that students and schools need to keep on track during potentially prolonged shutdown periods. Our live classes and one-on-one tutorials with world-class teachers will help to maintain the human element of your regular classes.

Our Partnerships

E2School is a proud partner of NEAS, an Australian ELT Provider, and was recently granted a ‘premium product endorsement’ for our online E2School courses. Additionally, E2School has joined the Austrade network as a leading service provider for English language education. These new partnerships will provide students with English learning support from the comfort of their home.  

What’s On Offer?

We’re here to take away the stress of falling behind in your studies. E2School offers language courses to suit every skill level, from Level 0 – for beginners with no English skills, to Level 4 – for advanced students getting ready for their IELTS, PTE Academic, OET or TOEFL.

For high-functioning candidates looking for assistance in preparation for these tests, we recommend heading over to E2Language, our parallel platform designed to help you pass. E2Language has educated well over 750,000 English language test candidates and has the experience necessary to guide you through the process. 

Whether you’re a student affected by the Coronavirus through school closures or travel restrictions, or a school working on emergency preparation plans, E2School is here to support you.

Can The E2School Website Be Accessed From Mainland China?

Yes! Our educational English learning website and all of the incredible courses and live teaching materials on offer are accessible from China.

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