Episode 11 Modal Verbs

Ep. 11 English Grammar – The importance of Modal Verbs with Andrea

Hi there, it’s Andy here. Welcome to Everyday English with E2. Each week, we focus on English grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation, and this week we’re focusing on an important part


How to learn English phrasal verbs

29 July, 2021 Verbs

What is a phrasal verb? Phrasal verbs have two or three words and two or more meanings. They usually have at least one literal meaning, for example “She took off


Learning Verbs

What are verbs? Verbs are doing words. They describe actions or states. Verbs tell us about what things do or what they are like. Some examples of verbs are: run,

text reading present perfect continuous as cover image

Present Perfect Continuous

24 February, 2021 Verbs

What is present perfect continuous? Present perfect continuous is a way of looking at events that have been happening in the past up until now and possibly also into the

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