Sarah is one of our amazing teachers at E2School.


I come from a small town near Manchester in the north of England; however, I’ve spent more than half my life in my adopted country, Spain. After studying an undergraduate degree in Law, I found my love of teaching on a ‘year out’ in Barcelona and have never looked back. I also found love in Barcelona, settled down, had two kids and eventually swapped the big smoke for a more relaxed life in the foothills of the Catalan Pyrenees. My small town has a beautiful lake and strong cultural traditions and is a wonderful place to live. 


I joined E2 Test Prep in 2018. I then joined E2School in 2020! My 20 years as a teacher have included university programmes in Spain and around the world, examining for FCE, CAE, and IELTS, and setting up a language training consultancy for academics and professionals. You may have seen me in our E2 Test Prep classes or E2school live classes. I’m also working to bring our students quality tutorials so they can succeed with their goals.

Top Tip for success? 

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed; break things down into smaller chunks and take it step by step.