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Tell us about you!

I started my first degree at the University of Salford, England in French, Russian and Italian, but dropped out after 2 years,  travelled overland to India and ended up in Australia. There I met my wife, and after 2 years, went back to England with her. I trained as a high school English and Drama teacher at Exeter University and during my course started to teach English over the summer holidays to students, mostly from Iceland.

So began my career as an EFL teacher – I never taught in high schools. I completed a Diploma in English teaching in 1983 and then, after 15 years at language schools in England and Italy, I studied for a Masters in TTELT – teacher training – and worked for 6 years at the University of Plymouth with teachers and trainee teachers from Eritrea, Japan, Malaysia and many other countries.

In 1989 we returned with our 5 children to Australia where I worked as an EFL teacher and trained as an IELTS examiner. After 5 years I was offered a position managing IELTS tests on test days and the examiners and staff needed to run these tests.

12 years later I began spending more time in Vietnam and from 2018 started online teaching with E2. I now live in Hoi An with my wife Linda, 4 dogs and one cat and help run an NGO which supports girls and young women to complete their education.