Ep 3. Vocabulary: Cleaning the House – Everyday English Podcast

Transcript Intro Hello and welcome back to another episode of the E2 English podcast. My name is Jay.  Do you like doing the dishes or mopping the floors? Who scrubs the toilet or irons the washing in your house? Whether you like it or not, everyone must do housework.  In this episode we’re going to […]

Ep 2. English Grammar – Present Perfect Tense – Everyday English Podcast

Transcript Intro Hey there, I’m Mark and welcome to the second episode of the E2 English podcast.  Each week we focus on either pronunciation, vocabulary, or grammar.  Today we’re going to practise grammar. I’m going to explain all you need to know about a particular verb tense called the  PRESENT PERFECT Have you been to […]

Ep 1: English Pronunciation – Everyday English Podcast

Transcript INTRO Hey there, this is Jay from E2, thanks for tuning in for the first-ever E2 English podcast! We’re really excited to be able to give you quality English language training each week through your ears! Remember to share this podcast with your friends if you find it helpful, which I’m sure you will. […]

Introducing our new podcast! Everyday English

E2 is bringing out a new podcast for English Learner’s ‘Everyday English’ be sure to listen to our introduction episode above and when you’re done check out Episode 1! You can subscribe to Everyday English on all good podcast apps, including Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.